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Limited Edition - Miko Leash

Limited Edition - Miko Leash

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Miko leash is versatile, highly adjustable, multiway leash with auto locking carabineer at both ends, two points of adjustment, and a flat traffic handle to keep your pup close by in high traffic areas or when hiking in dangerous terrain. We kept the handle flat to prevent your dog from getting tangled in it. Two points of adjustment give you unlimited possibilities of customization. The leash is as minimalistic as possible to make it a perfect weight and option for hiking, backpacking, or car camping.

Here are some of the ways you can use the Miko Leash:

1. Hands free around the waist

2. Hands free cross body

3. Hands free around the waist + cross body

4. Hands free attached to the backpack/belt/hip pack

5. Long line

6. Long leash

7. Medium leash

8. Short leash

9. Collar + leash

10. Slip collar + leash

11. Double leash

12. Long tether

13. Short tether

14. Handle tether

And so many more, the combinations are endless.


All black auto-locking aircraft aluminum carabiner, 2.5".  500kg breaking load.

O-Ring - Black plated steel, 1".

Overall length from inside tip of carabiner to inside tip of carabiner.

Handcrafted in the U.S.A.


----$5 from each sale of the Miko Leash will be donated to @nativeconservancy.

Native Conservancy is a native led and native owned non-profit organization in North West Alaska dedicated to the conservation and preservation of indigenous lands and cultures. It focuses on protecting and supporting the natural environment, wildlife, and ancestral knowledge of indigenous communities. Some of their primary objectives include: Land Conservation, Biodiversity Preservation, Cultural Heritage, Empowerment and Advocacy, Sustainable Development, and Collaborative Partnerships.





 Rope Details: 

Blaze Orange - 11mm




Army Green - 9.9mm




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