• Manila Hemp Rope

    Manila rope is very durable, flexible and resistant to water damage. Abaca Fiber is the strongest of all natural fibers.

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  • Cotton Rope

    100% All Natural Fiber. Strong 3-strand cotton ropes are durable and have a great hand feel.

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  • Cannabis Hemp Rope

    USDA Biobased Certified Ropes. Hemp is considered a carbon-negative crop, in that it sequesters more CO2 than it generates per harvest cycle. Low stretch and more breathable than cotton and petro-derived synthetic ropes.

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  • Bungee Sport (BS)

    Our Bungee Sport rope is desinged for dog sport applications and shock absorption. A rubber core makes the rope elastic while the outer sheath performs similar to our Rugged Series and has roughly the same hand feel.

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  • Rugged Series (RS)

    Our Rugged Series ropes are designed for rock climbing and heavy use applications. All weather conditions and rugged terrain tested, these ropes last the longest. Most have various technologies applied to them to help with wet conditions so they do not absorb water and even shed it in order to maintain peak performance during use/activites.

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  • Soft Series (SS)

    Our Soft Series rope is an all purpose rope that has a soft hand feel. While rugged in terms of strength the outer jacket can fray more easily than our Rugged Series and is better used off trail.

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More rope details and technology information can be fround under the 'Materials' section of each product.

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